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Hop Bot

An All Terrain Robot which hops for its movement. Build using the Tinkeroid Hop Bot kit.

Omni Wheel Bot

Robot which can move in all directions, even diagonally. The omni wheels come with rollers allow provide this functionality.

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All Terrain remotely Operated Vehicle or ATROV can move on various terrains like Grass, Gravel,Sand,Mud,Road etc.

Self Balancing Bot

Robot which balances on two wheels flawlessly, can even balance with a glass of water on its head!

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Intro to Tinkeroid

Learn why Tinkeroid is a great programmable robotic kit for learning robotics and for people looking for challenges in robot construction.


Tinkeroid has you covered in your journey in robotics. From Beginners to Experts Tinkeroid is a single, simple & reliable solution for all. 

Free Robotics Learning Program with Tinkeroid Kit!

Learn Robotics..Online

If you are looking for a great beginner level Robotics program, then your search ends here. Buy the Tinkeroid Robotic kit and start your learning!

The "Learn Robotics" robotics course for beginners is a comprehensive program which covers all the key elements:

  • Software Programming & Algorithimic thinking

  • Robot Construction

  • Conceptual Understanding

  • & Much More


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